Dr. David for September 25, Part 2

Dr. David for September 25, Part 2

Dr. David discusses the health risk of acetaminophen.
Acetaminophen  is safe but accounts for 60,000 cases of severe liver failure and 150 deaths more than any other over the counter medication by far. 

The reason is it has a narrow therapeutic index. take more than you should and severe illness follows.

The maximum dose is 8 extra strength acetaminophen daily or two tablets four times daily.

Take twice this amount and serious illness and death is possible.

In some people, as little as two extra tablets can lead to severe illness. 

No other over the counter pill can cause death by so much little extra pills.
The problem is so severe that the FDA recommends a maximum of 2 tablets three time daily. 

Remember than acetaminophen is presents in hundreds of tablets.

Never take more than you should, and most importantly less than 25% follow direction on the label. 

Remember always read the label and never take more than you should.
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