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Domestic Violence on Rise During Holidays

Local shelters help to promote a healthy holiday for people suffering from domestic violence.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Domestic violence tends to be on the rise during the holidays.

According to the director of a Little Rock women's shelter, there's about a 20 percent increase of women seeking help this time of year.

Victims are more likely to go back to their abusers during the holidays, and experts say stress and financial burden can make problems even worse.

That's why many shelters fill up quickly, but there's always somewhere you can get help which can be the difference between life and death.

Last year in Arkansas, 30 people were killed by domestic violence.

"One homicide due to domestic abuse it too many," said Rebecca Bennett with Central Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "Domestic abuse is not a natural state and we are a natural state so we want to eliminate that issue and promote healthy families."

According to the Central Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 75 percent of domestic homicides occur after the relationship ends.

That's why experts say it's so important to put a plan in to place before you try to leave.

For more resources and where you can seek help, click here.

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