Decades Old Desegregation Case Near the End?

Decades Old Desegregation Case Near the End?

Little Rock School Board considering settlement, to decide next week. North Little Rock School District and Pulaski County Special School District already on board.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel gives the Little Rock School District until midnight Tuesday to decide on fully supporting the desegregation settlement.

McDaniel went before a legislative council Friday.

On Thursday night, Little Rock School Board members voted to end the district's desegregation court case, but when asked if they would proceed with or without the Joshua intervenors, they didn't take a vote.

The Joshua intervenors case represent the black students in the districts, which provided millions of dollars in funding for minority-to-majority transfers and magnet programs to make the three school districts in Pulaski County racially mixed.

"It makes sense for them to settle this case becasue they have the most to lose in case the state prevails and terminates funding abruptly," McDaniel said.

The North Little Rock and Pulaski County Special School Districts have agreed on this settlement.

The Little Rock School Board will hold a special meeting Monday to decide.
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