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Who Can Develop High Blood Pressure?

<span style="font-size: small;"><b>Who Can Develop High Blood Pressure? </b><br></span>

Who Can Develop High Blood Pressure?

About 65 million American adults have high blood pressure. Americans who are middle-aged face a 9 in 10 chance of having high blood pressure during the course of their lives. If you are overweight, you are also at risk. Also, if you have a family history of high blood pressure.

There is some good news. You can control high blood pressure with treatment. Some things you can do to help include weight loss if you are overweight, increased physical activity, a healthy diet with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, dairy foods that are low in fats, eating foods with less sodium and salt, and if you drink alcohol, use moderation. If lifestyle changes alone are not effective in keeping your blood pressure controlled, there are many blood pressure medications available that might help. It's a good idea to consult your family doctor for treatment options.

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