Web Extra: Vilonia Parents Hold Strong Month After Tornado Took Sons

Web Extra: Vilonia Parents Hold Strong Month After Tornado Took Sons

It was an emotional ceremony in Conway Wednesday night, to honor a Vilonia couple, the Smiths, who's been through so much this past month. Not only losing their home, but also their two children in the April 27 tornado.
CONWAY, AR - One month after the Vilonia tornado, the healing continues for families who lost everything in the April 27 twister.

Daniel and April Smith not only lost their home, but also their two boys Cameron and Tyler.

An emotional ceremony on Wednesday paid tribute to the Smiths and their sons as Team Rubicon renamed its Ford Operating Base in their honor.

"This is an honor that they're being remembered here and they're being remembered every where," says April Smith. "As a parent, knowing my kids are in the best hands ever and safe, I just have to endure what's best for us because we are walking miracles."

The Smiths admit every day, every hour, and every minute is a battle.

"To have each other and to have God that's the only thing I can think of that's the only way we're waking up every day and being as strong as we possibly can be," says Daniel Smith.

Seeing the amazing outpouring of community support has kept Daniel and April going each day.

"I'm sad, I miss them every moment, but I know where they are and I know I'll see them again," says April
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