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Web Extra: Flyboarding on Beaver Lake

New business at Prairie Creek Marina offers water thrills.
ROGERS, AR (KNWA) - For some Arkansans, the 4th of July weekend was spent on the water.

At Beaver Lake in Rogers, some visitors got a look at an up-and-coming water activity that is said to be a thrill a minute, offered by a new business.

It's flyboarding.

"I've been on the lake most of my life, as a kid," says Ryan Cauly, owner of Beaver Lake Flyboarding. "We actually did it in Destin, Florida about a year ago. We did it, and we said we had to bring this to Arkansas." 

The board is powered by a jet ski. 

Cauly explains how it works. "You hover above the water. It's like, like flying like Iron Man," he says. "The hose connects to the bottom of the board, then the board shoots the thrust through the bottom."  

Cauly says anyone can do it.

"Ages 8 to 85 we've flown, anywhere from a mininmum of 80 pounds up to 400, so pretty much anyone's in that category," says Cauly.

After a short training session, reporter Kyle Leyenberger with our Fayetteville sister station KNWA, took Cauly at his word. 

After a few minutes and a few mishaps, he was airborne, calling it an experience like no other.

"It's hard to describe. It's better than wakeboarding, better than snowboarding, better than any sport I've ever done and a lot easier," Cauly says.

You'll find Beaver Lake Flyboarding at the Prairie Creek Marina.

The price of taking a flight starts at $100 for 20 minutes of fun.

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