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Visually Impaired Marathon Runner Sets Own Pace

Th<font size="2">ousands of runners accomplished their goal of running 26.2 miles in S<font size="2">unda</font>y's Little Rock marathon.</font>
For some it was their first, but others keep coming back, like runner Dave Wilkinson.

Racing his 10th marathon right alongside his guide, Jacob Wells, because Wilkinson is blind.

The two have turned running into a team sport and they're quite a team.

Jacob laughed when asked if being blind puts Dave at a disadvantage and then replied, "He can't see how high the hills are he's about to go up."

They both have a great sense of humor about it, which is a good thing when you consider they spend four hours tethered to each other during the race.

"I'm so proud of them," said Jacob's girlfriend Jaynie Cannon, who said she doesn't know how Dave does it.

"How he just runs forward knowing Jacob won't let him run into anything," she said.

It's a trust that only comes from having run six marathons right alongside each other.

Before he started running with Jacob, it had been 20 years since Dave had run outdoors.

If he can do it, he said, so can you.

"Get off the couch, come out here and run, and if you don't want to run walk," said Dave.

"And then get out of our way!" added Jacob.

The pair sprinted the last mile of Saturday's race finishing in just under four hours.

"The end was great people are cheering you hear the music," said Dave. "People's names are getting called, you know you're getting closer and closer... there's nothing like it."

Dave heard everything.
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