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UALR Students Sweating, But Not Over Final Exams

At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock programs are in place to help students prevent the "freshman 15" from becoming a problem.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Here at the Donaghey Student Center you'll find college kids sweating.

But it's not over final exams.

Students come here to workout, and stay in shape.

"I think it really has to do with one's psychological and mental health, if you were building your self confidence in the gym, I believe that can roll over into your schoolwork," says Rashad Roberts.

"Most importantly health reasons."

Grad Assistant Delice Kayishunge says there are plenty of programs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) to keep you healthy.

"Students have to stay active if all you do is come here and study, study, you don't get a break to your brain," says Delice Kayishunge.

There's a Trojan Trail Blazer Program that encourages students to walk more.

"It is very important."

And also a program called Weight and Wellness.

"So we help students that either want to lose weight or want to stay where they are or get even healthier," says Kayishunge.

Along with teaching students about activity during some of the UALR offered programs, they learn about fit foods too.

"Eating more vegetables and fruit."

Delice says keeping your body healthy.

"It's a great opportunity."

Keeps you more focused and ready to learn.
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