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Truancy Task Force Works to Bring Kids Back to School

Agencies associated with the Little Rock School District students have started collaborating on a truancy task force.<br>
A truancy task force is working toward solutions for the Little Rock School District.

They couldn't tell us how big the problem actually is, because there is no real statewide accountability process that keeps track of absent students.

We talked to the head of the truancy task force, Dr. Dennis Burrow. His team is bringing together  all of the agencies involved in keeping kids in school-- such as  the department of health,  police, the school district and the city attorneys offices.

He says the board has met twice, but has already  found major breakdowns in the current system.

Dr. Burrow said, "Juvenile court judges say its 6 months, 9 months to a year before they're able to actually deal with a kid that's really truant, that's way too long. You've more or less already lost that kid.

Dr. Burrow says the board's short term goal is to improve communication between the school district and the city attorneys office.
The board will hold their third meeting in August.

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