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The Breast Self-examination (BSE)

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Breast Self-Examination (BSE)
Here are some helpful tips to enhance your education and awareness about the importance of the breast self-examination.
1. Breast self-examination should be done in three different positions.
    1. In a warm shower (soaping each breast) checking for lumps, thickening, or changes that differ from previous self-exam.
    2. In front of mirror, checking for changes in appearance.
    3. Lying flat in a supine position helps breast tissue spread, allowing better palpation of outer tissue. Use pads of fingers.
    4. Examine the breasts in a circular motion starting at 12 o�clock and moving around the breast clockwise. Use an up and down motion or an inward and outward motion from nipple outward or chest wall inward.
2. Do the breast self-examination at the same time each month, 7 to 10 days after menses. Repeating the exam the same time each month provides familiarity with the contours of the body and allows for hormonal levels to return to premenstrual status. The breasts may be swollen, tender, and have thickening due to hormonal influence around the time of the menstrual cycle and for 7-10 days following menses.    
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