Teen Driving Event At War Memorial

Teen Driving Event At War Memorial

Teens were put to the test today at War Memorial Stadium when they simulated driving and texting and driving while intoxicated.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- An event showing kids the possible dangers while driving was held Saturday at War Memorial Stadium.
Teens drove golf carts with driving simulators giving them a chance to try to drive and text. Some learned their lesson after crashing.

"It's really hazardous. You never know what's going to happen. You think you can do it, but you can't," says 13-year-old teen driver Kylon McCullough.

During the event, some kids also wore special glasses to simulate the impaired vision experienced while driving intoxicated. They got a chance to see how hard it was to drive -- even on a coned off course.

Every year, approximately 600 Arkansans die on the roads. Many are the result of drunk driving.

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