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Top Official Fired Following Investigation Into Wastewater Utility Misuse In Funds

Little Rock Officials release summary of police investigation into the misuse in funds at Wastewater Utility. CEO fired the same day.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A top city official gets the boot, after nearly 30 years on the job. The firing comes after a lengthy investigation into the misuse of your tax dollars at the Wastewater Utility.

On Wednesday, the Sanitary Sewer Committee fired Wastewater Utility CEO Reggie Corbitt saying they have no confidence in him.

Corbitt's termination comes after the city of Little Rock released a summary of an investigation into the utility.

Police investigated the misuse of utility funds, missing pipe and allegations someone shot at street signs at the Fourche Creek Treatment Facility.

In the report, the Utility's Operation Manager, Stan Miller, allegedly used more than $26,000 in utility funds to build and improve a specific site on the utility property for his RV.

The report says Miller lived in that RV and Corbitt approved those expenditures.

"The vote was to terminate him, with three months salary, provided that he sign a waver on behalf of the utility, committee and its members," said Marilyn Perryman, Sanitary Sewer Committee Chairman.

Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore released the following statement:

“LRPD’s thorough investigation confirmed many of the details surrounding the actions of a couple of employees at the Wastewater Utility. I am specifically concerned about the presence and use of firearms on taxpayer-owned utility property as well as the misuse of utility funds."

Little Rock Police submitted the case to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office for further review.
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