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Superintendents Monitor The Changing Weather Conditions

How PCSSD, Little Rock, North Little Rock superintendents go about making a decision on when to cancel classes.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Safety matters to School District Superintendents that's why they're keeping their eyes on the changing weather patterns to prepare for another possible snow storm.

But so far, there's no decisions on cancellations for Monday yet.

Superintendents got until about  5:00 Monday morning to come up with a final answer.

Typically school transportation officials and superintendents can drive the roads then decide whether or not to cancel school based on the road conditions.

But this most recent weather event hasn't happened yet which can make things a bit more complicated.

North Little Rock Superintendent Kelly Rodgers says they're relying on the National Weather Service.

But models -- on when the snow will hit -- changed quite a bit during the day and the time appears to keep pushing back.

Rodgers said, "We're going to make a safe decision. We're not going to put people in harms way."

Something else school leaders will keep in mind when making a decision on school closings, some students who ride the bus, may not get home until around 5:30 in the evening.

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