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Straight Line Winds Damage Downtown Warehouse

Strong straight line winds pummeled Little Rock early Friday afternoon.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Strong straight line winds -- that reached up to 65 miles per hour in downtown Little Rock -- left a huge mess behind.

The roof was ripped off of the warehouse at Today's Office near 7th and Gaines.

No one was inside the warehouse during the storm, but people nearby say they heard a bang and really loud wind.

Along with ripping off the roof at Today's Office -- which is a contract furniture dealer -- the wind also blew out a transformer nearby.

Insulation was also torn from the building, tossed all over the parking lot and into the streets.

The yellow stuff is also stuck in cars, fences, really it's just about everywhere you look.

Thomas Chunn, a Today's Office employee, said, "When we came outside and saw all this...it's messed up!"

Samuel Ellis, who works in a nearby office said, "With all the crazy weather we've been having here recently it did get your heart racing."

After seeing the damage, people working nearby say they feel very fortunate no one was hurt.

It is not safe in the area because there are some hot wires hanging pretty low.

Once that's taken care of, the clean up process will begin.

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