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State Forestry Predicts Record Wildfire Totals For 2014

Official wildfire season starts March.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The Arkansas Forestry Commission predicts by the start of the official wildfire season in March, the state will break record numbers for wildfire counts.

Steve Richardson talks about a January wildfire,that sparked not too far from his home on Forrester Road just outside North Little Rock.

"It could have spread across and caused a whole lot of damage," said Richardson.

Wildfires have been popping up across Central Arkansas, leading forestry leaders to predict big increases compared to last year's numbers.

"It is something to think about when your family is in jeopardy," said Richardson.

When Richardson thinks about flames and smoke taking over his community, he only knows one way to react.

"I would get my water hose out and starting putting it out," said Richardson.

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