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Star City Player's Story, Death Inspires Community

Football player Zack Towers dies roughly 15 months after having a seizure during a game.
STAR CITY, AR--A community is relying on faith and continuing to support one another after the death of Star City High School football player Zack Towers.

After a hard-fought battle, Towers died Wednesday morning, 15 months after having a seizure during a home football game. The news of his death surprised many in his hometown.

"It's kind of quiet, solemn. A lot people that love Zack especially the football team and coaches. Coaches came in this morning and you tell they were all sad," says Jennifer Patrick, a fellow church member.

After months of praying and pulling for Zack Tower, like many others, his church member and lunch ladies are heartbroken over his death.

"Sad it's really sad that it ended like this but we know he's in a perfect place," she says.

Patrick says his story and perseverance made his community a better place.

"It brought a lot of people to the Lord, brought a lot of people together and I think that's God's purpose," adds Patrick.

When Zack had a seizure on the football field in November 2012, word spread quickly and everyone rallied around his family.

Local florist, Amber Owen says, "Balloon releases at ball games, students had prayer vigils."

Zack's parents opened up about the power of prayer just a few weeks ago.

"We're thankful for those who remember him and are still praying for him because that's got us where we are today without a doubt," says Jim Towers.

Zack worked hard and his family allowed our cameras to capture some of his incredible progress.

"This has been a faith run since November 1 and he has done things they said he would never do," Towers says.

And now that he's gone the community plans to continue honoring his memory by relying on the faith that's gotten them this far, to pull them through.

"Hope it continues to keep people together and let people know to live for today because you're not promised tomorrow," says Patrick.

According to the Facebook page, Prayers for Zack Towers, Zack's visitation will be from 5 to 8 Friday night, his funeral will be at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Both will be at the First Baptist Church of Star City.

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