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Snow Doesn't Stop Little Rockers Marathon

<p>You might have noticed more kids than usual running through the River Market Saturday morning. </p>
Hundreds of Little Rockers braved the cold temperatures to participate in their own marathon.

Dodging snow flakes along the way.

"It's a huge accomplishment it takes a lot of dedication," said Christie Pinney.

She says she's inspired watching her son finish 26.2 miles.

The first 25.2 miles were run over the last couple of months at school and the final one is counted during Saturday's race in a real marathon setting.

"He's finishing today and I'm so proud," said Pinney. "I'm trying not to cry."

There were 1,800 little ones who put on their running shoes to cover nearly 200,000 miles.

Volunteers said they're impressed seeing how many turned out despite the weather.

"Last year it was about 80 degrees," said Marr Hudson. "So it was a big shock but hey we're always ready."

Hudson danced and got the kids blood going. He's a health and wellness major at Arkansas Tech University and said this is the perfect way to spend the Saturday.

"My favorite part? Watching the kids finish, watching them work so hard and seeing them finish," he said.

"Every race needs a rabbit!" said volunteer "Peter The Rabbit" who led the kids and set the pace.

And of course the adults will have their chance to follow in the kids footsteps during their own marathon Sunday.

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