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Smart Traffic Signals Coming to Little Rock

Officials say it's a much better way to handle traffic flows.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - If you're tired of hitting every red light in the city, you might be getting a break, and a green light, soon.

Metroplan has approved a plan for "smart traffic signals" along University Avenue.

The goal is to allow a driver getting on University at I-30 to flow northbound all the way to Cantrell Rd. without hitting every red light.

"Now these adaptive signal systems are actually putting the intelligence in the traffic signal itself and lets them communicate with each other so they can dynamically change and react to traffic flows as they're occurring," says Jim McKenzie with Metroplan. "Hopefully we'll do the studies, start rolling these things out, and it will improve the traffic flow on our surface streets a lot."

Metroplan says it hopes to have the "adaptive signals" in place by the end of the year.
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