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Sheridan Students Say School Cuts Gay Student Profile From Yearbook

Sheridan High School students say administrators decided to pull out all six profiles in the yearbook this year after they found out one featured an openly gay student.
SHERIDAN, AR -- A Sheridan High School student says administrators pulled her yearbook article about an openly gay teenager.

The article featured 17-year-old Taylor Ellis.

He came out on social media last year.

When a student yearbook staffer approached him about sharing his story, Ellis thought it would be a great idea.

After it was written though, Ellis says the principal told him it could cause problems with bullying.

Ellis told KARK 4 News, "And I kind of take offense from it because I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be in the yearbook at all."

We tried to reach Sheridan Schools superintendent, but she never returned our calls.

Ellis' story wasn't the only one removed from the yearbook.

The yearbook's assistant editor told us administrators decided to leave out all six student profiles this year.

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