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Recycling Lesson: Milk Carton Igloo

Some students in North Little Rock illustrate how to reuse old items for making new ones.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's what the Common Core curriculum is all about, putting what kids learn into action.

And that's what the students are doing at Glenview Elementary in North Little Rock.

They have been studying recycling and reading he book "50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth."

Part of the book teaches about reusing old items to make new ones, so the kids are building an igloo made of used milk cartons.

Third grade teacher Amanda Rowe says the school is considered high poverty but they don't make excuses for the students, they just think about how to help each individual students be the best.

"Whether they are a poverty school, whatever their background is, we know they can do and we set the expectations and we sort of have the mentality of don't tell us what we can't do cause we are going to show you what we will do," Rose explains.

Projects like the milk carton igloo is just one of the many reasons why Rowe says they received the "High Achieving" award, based on benchmark exams, from the Arkansas Department of Education.
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