Pulaski Tech Targets New Group of Prospective Students

Pulaski Tech Targets New Group of Prospective Students

For the past 15 years Pulaski Tech has seen tremendous growth, but recently enrollment numbers are down. They are targeting a new group of students to boost their numbers.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Ian Mcmahan is spending his summer months on the campus of Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock.

"The price."

A good place to finish up his first two years of school, especially for the money.

"I transferred here from UCA cause UCA is real expensive."

Ian has hopes of finishing his basics then head up to Fayetteville to finish his last two years.

Administrators at Pulaski Tech hope to attract and keep more students like Ian enrolled in school.

"Looking at a ten year picture our enrollment at this college has decreased, for example our enrollment last year for fall and spring semesters were light about 10,000 students, we were on a projectory of looking at about 12,000," says President Margaret Ellibee.

However, while the overall head count is down students who are enrolled are taking more classes.

And to keep numbers stable the school wants to focus on getting more high school students through the doors.

"Through high school programs and Pulaski Tech it allows a bridge for those students to come to our college in a very articulated fashion."

Pulaski says it will also partner with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

"It's a huge advantage for our students."

Students like Ian says while it's easy to get sidetracked,

"It's very easy to, but I got to sacrifice my time."

He will complete all of his hours and reach the ultimate goal, graduation.

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