Protests Against Illegal Immigration Continue in Little Rock

Protests Against Illegal Immigration Continue in Little Rock

Demonstrators on motorcycles roar in at the State Capitol.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - You could hear them coming from miles away as protesters pulled into the Mexican Consulate on motorcycles then proceeded to the State Capitol.

"We just think it's time for Americans to get out here and stand up for our country's freedoms," says protester Daniel Shawely.

Dozens like Shawley joined organizers in the protest of illegal immigration. Saturday's protest was a continuation of the rallies held Friday all over the United States regarding immigration reform. The organizers hoped that local and state government officials would show up to hear their concerns, but no officials did so.

"My wife and I have four children and all of these illegals coming in. You know if they want to come in and do it the right way that is completely fine. But all of these illegals that are coming in and taking tax dollars to support their own families? We are just completely against that," Shawley says.

Although the governmental officials that were requested did not show up, protesters hope they will still get their message to protect our borders.

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