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PCSSD Throws Out $75K Worth of Cheese

Health officials made recommendation after refrigeration unit broke down.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR -- Pulaski County schools tossed tens of thousands of dollars worth of food.

Late last week, Pulaski County Special School District administrators noticed a cooler at the district's nutrition center containing $75,000 worth of cheese had gone out.

By the time they got it fixed, the temperature had risen too high and it had to be tossed.

"It was just a borderline situation, so we called the Health Department, and they suggested that we destroy the cheese because it had reached that 59 degrees in the cooler," Deb Roush with PCSSD said. "None of this cheese went into any of the schools, so there should be no concerns that any cheese went to any school."

The district feeds 11,000 children every school day.

We're told PCSSD has backup funding from the USDA to pay for replacement cheese to avoid having to dip into any other part of the district's budget.
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