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Parent Opinions Differ on Schools Letting Out Early

With snow in the forecast, some schools in Central Arkansas let out early Friday.
I'd rather be safe than sorry.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- With snow in the forecast, some schools in central Arkansas let out early Friday.  The Little Rock School District says it wanted to make sure everyone got home safe, but some think the precaution went a little too far.

Scurrying home to beat the snow was the name of the game for Susan Robinson and her two kids.

For Robinson, precaution on the part of the Little Rock School District was the right call

"It's not snowing yet, but it's certainly cold and there's a storm heading this way," she said.

The trip home from Pulaski Heights Elementary is only about a mile for Robinson and her kids. But she says getting home in the snow, for others, could be dangerous.

"We have a lot of rural students that attend school in Little Rock, and we want to make sure they can get home safely," Robinson said.

But with parents waiting to pick up their kids and the snow still not falling, some wondered if caution is going too far.

"I think they should have stayed in school, 'cause the weather ain't coming until later this evening," said parent Felicia Palmore.

"It makes it hard especially if parents are at work," said another parent Julie Moll.

The Little Rock School District says it made the call to let out early after speaking with the National Weather Service, its transportation officials and other school districts.
Kids seemed happy to get the weekend started early, as did some parents.

"I'd rather be safe than sorry," said parent Janet McGhee.  "I'm ready to go home and stay home until its over."

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