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Outstanding Educator: Peggy Cottey

She's been teaching English at Shirley High School for 35 years.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - We all have those teachers who will impact our lives forever.

One of those outstanding educators is Peggy Cottey.

Mrs. Cottey has been teaching English at Shirley High School for 35 years, but it now retiring.

Recently, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Today, she thought she was coming to school for a retirement party, instead, more than 100 of her colleagues, students and friends were there to honor her.

"And I subbed for him for a week...and I was hooked and I knew this would be such a part of what I was meant to be and there are no outstanding teachers, if those kids don't come across the 50-yard line it doesn't make any difference how outstanding you think you are. It's the kids. It's the kids," Cottey says.

Mrs. Cottey was nominated by 42 people.

Students say she is spunky, fun and sweet.

All this week we are honoring teachers on KARK 4 Today.

Tune in tomorrow morning between 5 and 7 a.m. for another great reveal.

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