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Only in Arkansas: Innovative Main Street Sign Stick

Whether it's a new bike lane, a reconstructed street scape or a community garden, the changes keep on coming and now one man behind some of those efforts has created a new, innovative way for you to learn more while you're there.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's message is clear. It's clean like the energy source to light it at night. And it's surrounded by what's usually green, outside of winter.

"It seemed like it needed to be clean, unobtrusive but it needs to catch your eye," says creator and local architect Ed Sergeant.

But what is it?

You may have seen the slender, rectangular post in the ground in the Bernice Garden at the corner of Main St. and Daisy Gatson Bates Dr. in Little Rock.

The post aims to share what can keep this area of Little Rock consistent with it's changing surroundings.

Sergeant says he wanted to put something in front of people to make them think a bit more about why certain concepts are important.

With the Bernice Garden as a backdrop and a background of a reconstructed street scape on Main St., this post is centered in an area that has the ability to stand out from the rest.

All you need is a QR Code Reader app on your phone, walk up to the post and scan the code.

"It's gonna tell you all the advantages of commuting green," Sergeant explains.

It's in an area Sergeant says is becoming more of a success as an urban center.

"It's now kind of pulling people together," Sergeant remarks. "It's a great place for everybody to connect with."

The post that stands out like its surroundings connects you with those goals towards a green community they're trying to accomplish.

Sergeant adds, "It says a lot for our city too because they're very interested in continuing the green schemes like this."

Just like it's color, it wants to deliver that message clearly.

For more information from the Bernice Garden, click here.
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