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Only in Arkansas: Bob and Orin's

It could be a business of a dying breed but one Little Rock man is taking something of years gone by and bringing it back to life.
Hundreds of carburetor parts line the walls of Bob and Orin's
Hundreds of carburetor parts line the walls of Bob and Orin's
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Rick Pringle has tinkered in the automotive industry for years before taking over and keeping alive Bob & Orin's in downtown Little Rock.

He's owned the historic carburetor rebuilding shop for more than two decades but the shop itself has been around for more than 50 years.

Specializing in carburetors, the walls are lined with parts from a half century of work that all finds a fit in each job Pringle takes on today.

It's not always easy though. Pringle says his business has declined since the automotive industry basically did away with them in the mid 80's.

"It's just something you can't find any more," he said. "It gets harder every year. There's just not the demand like there used to be."

But Pringle keeps working. Building on the joy of others that he too started on years ago.

"This is the kind of stuff I kind of grew up doing," he explained, "I have people come in here [saying] "This used to be my dad's or my grandpa's vehicle" and they want to keep it. So there's some sentimental stuff to it too."

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