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Only in AR: Faulkner County Museum

The organization has collected bits of the area's history ever since.
FAULKNER COUNTY, AR -- Housed in a building first constructed nearly 120 years ago is the history that's brought Faulkner County forward from the 19th Century to now. Welcome to the Faulkner County Museum.

Director Lynita Langley-Ware has dedicated her days for 13 of the museum's 22 years.

The organization has collected bits of the area's history ever since.

"Everything in this building has a story," Langley-Ware said.

It's like peering through a window into the past.

From the cotton crop generations and the soda fountain years to the people and places that have called Faulkner County home.

"It's important to know where you came from," Langley-Ware said.

There's an endless list of pieces of artifacts and culture that has made area what it is today.

Even the walls the pictures and displays hang from have their own distinct history.

It was originally constructed as the Faulkner County Jail and then rehabed in the late 1930s as a library and then became what it is today.

"So it's always been a public building and because of that, I think it's been well cared for," Langley-Ware said.

Whether you're just driving through or have called it home for years, here you'll find things that are Only in Arkansas.

"That is all part of our history, and I think it's a very rich and colorful history that we should be proud of," Langley-Ware said.

Other Info:

  • Entry is free

  • Donations accepted

  • Open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

  • Click here for their website

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