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Online Scam Targeting Job Seekers in El Dorado

An El Dorado woman seeking work gets worked over by a job seeker website that claimed to pay her $3,000 monthly.
EL DORADO, AR - An El Dorado woman looking for work, got worked over on a job seeker website.

T'revah Cobb lost about $1,000 answering an ad on the job seekers section of El-DoArk.com

She answered an ad on the site and they told her that she would be making around $3,000 monthly if she cashed checks for the company.

She received her first check from the company and took it to Regions Bank.

"I did have a bit of a hesitation, I have to admit. I took it to the bank and I said if the bank clears it, then it has to be legit, because a bank wouldn't clear a illegitimate check, and so they held it for a day and gave me the funds the next day," says Cobb.

The check ended up being a fake and Cobb has to repay the money to the bank.

The Union County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating at least 5 cyber scams like this a month and advise people to use caution when responding to ads.
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