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Not Everyone Gets A Snow Day- Many Had To Work

Some people are beating the cold by staying inside. However others weren't as lucky.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Rain, sleet, or snow as the saying goes. Jeanie Lindsey is making her rounds on the icy roads.

"Trying to get where we can get," she said.

She's a postal worker, but after all only human.

"I'd rather be home with my kids!" she said.

Instead she's getting the mail to where it needs to go.

"We're very busy," she said.

"When the snow started coming down people started coming in," said Audie Grider who works at Hillcrest Liquor.

A popular errand for those who are homebound from the snow.

"We had a lot of foot traffic," he said. "We did well over $1,000 in an hour."

Some whiskey to warm the belly? Not quite what people chose he said.

'"You would think in this weather," said Grider, "Red wine would be a big deal, but I was selling a lot of white wine."

An honest days work before Audie here will get to unwind.

"I'm going to a wedding when I get off," he said. "So I'll get to have some fun."

"A lot of these roads are icy so we can't get to some places," said Lindsey.

Not everyone gets the luxury of a snow day.

"We have a lot of appreciative people when we get there," she said.

But it doesn't go unnoticed.

"They just say they appreciate it and appreciate us delivering their mail," she said.

We can't forget all those road crews who were also out working to get the snow off the roads.

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