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NLR Neighbors React To Early Morning Murder Investigation

People in one North Little Rock neighborhood say they know better than to go out too late.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- Waking up to crime scene Sunday morning, investigators working a murder on 11th and Vestal.

Saturday night a fight broke out between roommates, one shot the other dead.

This car belongs to the third roommate who was too shocked to speak on camera. She said the two men's argument escalated quickly.

"I don't get out there much I'm in this wheelchair I don't trust nobody," said Roy Lee Thomas who lives down the street. "Lke today I'm out today but I'll be back in by 5:00 , 5:30."

Neighbors said they know better than to go out past dark.

"This morning after 1 AM we responded to 1104 Vestal, " said Sargent Brian Dedrick with North Little Rock police. "The call came in as shooting."

Sargent Dedrick said Marcus Foster, 32, was arrested at the scene and is being held in the Pulaski County Jail on charges of murder in the first degree and possession of a weapon by a felon.

"A verbal altercation started and went too far," he said.

According to police, Foster shot Paul Samaniago, 33, who later died.

Police said they have a large presence in the neighborhood and that this was an isolated incident.

"They do a lot of work in that area," said Dedrick. "It's an area we've had increased patrol but around 1 AM we don't have a lot of activity."

Thomas said what little he knows about crime in the neighborhood he learns in the safety of his own home.

"If I do I catch it on the news," he said.

As far as neighbor's safety in this area, police said they patrol it regularly and even have plain clothes officers keeping tabs on the everyone.

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