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New Campaign Ad for Asa Hutchinson Talks Trade

The GOP candidate is proposing more open markets for Arkansas’s agricultural and manufacturing products.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A new television ad has been released by the Republican nominee for Arkansas governor.

The Asa Hutchinson campaign says the ad highlights his support for increased trade where Arkansas’s farmers and manufacturers can export their products to an increasingly open global market.

“While Asa has a vision for a future of job creation and economic growth and has supported opening markets across the world to Arkansas’s products, longtime Democratic Congressman Mike Ross has attacked free and fair trade and wants to go back in time to the protectionist trade policies of past decades. Cutting trade ties with China will do nothing but hurt Arkansas jobs and the hundreds of millions of dollars in exports Arkansas’s farmers and businesses depend on for their livelihood. Economic growth helps everyone in the long term and we don’t need a governor who uses inflammatory rhetoric that hurts real job growth and hardworking Arkansans,” said Hutchinson Campaign Manager Jon Gilmore in an emailed statement. 

Click here to watch the ad.
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