Mosaic Templars Celebrates "Juneteenth" In Downtown Little Rock

Mosaic Templars Celebrates "Juneteenth" In Downtown Little Rock

The 2014 Juneteenth celebration sponsored by Mosaic Templars took place in downtown Little Rock today.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A celebration of freedom flooded the streets of downtown Little Rock today for the annual Juneteenth celebration.

The 5th annual celebration sponsored by the Mosaic Templars Museum had music and vendors lining 9th and Broadway all day.

Juneteenth represents the day slaves in Galveston Texas first found out they were free. Those who put on the event hope people can learn from this celebration and appreciate how far the world has come since that day.

Sercia Cole from the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center talks about the importance of the celebration.

"We feel like it is especially important that people know this history. Of course we don't want to live in the past, but we want to use the past to inform what we do in the future," Cole says.

She says with every year, the number of activities grow as well as the number of people who attend.

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