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"Love Kitchen" Serves Slices to Tornado Victims

Some tornado victims in Henryville, Indiana are getting tens of thousands of free slices of "Pizza! Pizza!" as they try to get back on their feet.
A major pizza chain is stepping in to help victims of last week's tornadoes in southern Indiana.

Little Ceasars is offering hot meals as they pick up what's left of their homes and businesses. It's called "Little Ceasars Love Kitchen" -- a mobile restaurant used to make pizza for those affected by natural disasters.

"It's an expression of love," said Franchise Owner Penny Milchalak, "to take care of our neighbor, to feed the people who need it....We're helping to serve and feed the people here in the community that have lost their homes, also to serve and feed the people who are helping."

They expect to serve more than 25,000 slices of pizza over a four-day period -- an act of kindness that means victims who have already lost it all don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

"That's good that they're offering the food, the pizzas for the people, the workers, and the people that have lost everything," says Volunteer Jerry Rutherford. "It's a great thing."

The Love Kitchen is sent all over the country to natural disasters, but it's actually the local owners who pay for the food.
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