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Local Retailers Lower Prices for Back-2-School Shoppers

Families stay in town for back-2-school shopping despite tax-free weekends in neighboring states.<br>

Its almost time for kids to head back to school---which means parents are looking for back to school shopping deals.While neighboring states are wrapping up a tax free weekend.

The Wilson family is on the prowl, hunting for the best items to send their kids back to school.
Braden Wilson said, "Pretty fun, I like getting everything cause I'm ready for the 5th grade."
But getting ready can be pretty expensive.
The National Retail Federation says the average family spends $606 on back to school shopping.

Teacher Shanell Stacy said, "I guess about that much, if not more."

And that's got throngs of students, parents and teachers filling staples aisles, all looking for the same thing...

Stacy said, "I look for the deals."

And they appear to be all over the place-attracting thrifty shoppers. Even  though neighboring states offer  more savings--with tax free weekends.

Barry Wilson said, "With the economy that would help a lot if it was tax free, just for school supplies, one day would be great."

Teacher and mother of three Shanell Stacy says she's crossed state lines to take advantage of tax free back to school shopping.

Stacy said, "We have in the past, we usually go to Texas and check out those deals."

A move she says has saved her hundreds of dollars---that's a lot of money for Stacy  who  buys for her sons and students who may not have supplies of their own, To compensate for  not having a tax free weekend, the manager here says they have deal for $.50 even $.01 cent deals to keep back to school shoppers home in Arkansas.

And they're not alone, this weekend, Sam's Club allowed people to shop without a membership. Staples store manager Kevin Murphree says the deals are paying off. The store has three times as many customers as a normal weekend.

 A spokesperson for the Governor says the idea for  a tax free weekend has been introduced at the state legislature, but its always failed.    Sales at Staples and other stores will continue early into next week.    

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