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Local College Students Show Support Of Ferguson Protests

Philander Smith College students gather on the steps of the State Capitol to show support of the Ferguson, Missouri protests.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Students from Philander Smith College joined community members in protesting the shooting death of a St. Louis teenager.

August 9th, a St. Louis police officer shot 18-year-old Mike Brown -- who was unarmed.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Students, holding flags, took over the steps of the State Capitol and a nearby overpass.

Philander Smith student Corey Mason says they wanted to support ongoing protests in Ferguson Missouri.

"Certain things do not change in this country and this society and its things as we, a community, integrated intercommunity, world, nation and country and come together to make some solutions to make some change," Mason said.

Ferguson police handed over investigative powers in this case amid nationwide scrutiny.

Some local protestors gave kudos to Little Rock Police for allowing people to peacefully assemble during occupy protests.

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