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Little Rock Businesses Focusing on Recycling

The Promenade at Chenal helping to keep stores recycling.
Little Rock, AR - The city of Little Rock has been taking aim at recycling.  Recently Mayor Mark Stodola said a plan could be put in place to force large apartment complexes and condos to offer recycling.  The city board of directors will hear this issue on Tuesday March 4th when a vote could be taken. 

In that vain, many business are focusing on recycling and reusing. 

Mayor Stodola said local business need to contact their trash collector, "What they would do is they would contact their existing hauler and say 'hey, look I'd like to reduce the size of my exsisting trash container, but I would like to add a recycling container."

The Promenade at Chenal is on board with this concept.  Over the last two years, the outdoor mall has put a premium on recycling, in year one more than 10 tons were recycled.  The mall provides a huge recycling bin for its tenants.

One tenant at the mall is taking recycling to the next level.  Lululemon Athletica is donating its cardboard waste. 

Shannon Ball from Lululemon said, "We felt bad that we were throwing away all of this wonderful cardboard."

"We've partnered with the Compassion Center, and they come and pick up our cardboard every week."

"We are over the moon that they are coming out every week and picking this up."

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