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Keeping Teens Sharp During Summer Vacation

As school comes to a close for the summer we tend to focus on activities for younger school age children, but high school students need activities to stay sharp during the summer as well.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - "Just plan on sleeping in and having fun."

"I plan on playing a lot of basketball this summer."

"I plan on working and relaxing."

That's the way part of the summer can be spent, but Mills High School English Teacher John Havel says it's not just the little kids who lose some of the knowledge taught over the summer but high school students do as well.

"If you're going to give them a classic work of literature it is great to go with the pop literature."

Such as:

"Catcher in the Rye"

"To Kill a Mockingbird"

"Tipping Point"

and "Freakonomics."

Classic stories, he says not too overwhelming but have a high level of interest.

Other engaging activities, journaling.

And don't underestimate social media.

"That's actually a great place for them to be involved in blogging."

Mills High School Counselor Cheryl Cleare says set aside time very often to study for the big two, the ACT and SAT.

"Acquire a study guide, there are free study guides at the counselors office, they have study guides at your local library and there are also great websites that students can visit that are free."

Senior Caitlen Topps says she will spend time working on the math and English sections.

"I'm just going to plan on doing just those, timing myself."

Jordan Cain says his mom just Googled a standard summer reading list to keep up to speed.

"We've got Beowolf on there, Heart of Darkness, and The Scarlet Letter."

So while summer vacay should be about taking it easy, parents can't be afraid.

"To set a schedule for our students."

With engaging activities to keep them prepared, even if they are high school students.

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