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Kali Hardig Sends Video Message, Community Does 'Kartwheels'

Benton girl sends reporter video message, after the two make a bet.
Hey Hubert I'm ready for you to do some more kartwheels.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Benton community gathered at Salem Elementary School to do cartwheels for a Benton girl fighting parasitic meningitis.

The event happened on the same day Kali Hardig has her feeding tube removed.

Kali has been fighting parasitic meningitis since July 19, and doctors say she is a survivor.

On Wednesday, she ate steak and potatoes.

Kali's mom, Traci, sent news reporter Hubert Tate a video message from Kali, in response to a bet Hubert made with her.

He promised he would do cartwheels once her feeding tube is removed to celebrate.

"Hey Hubert I'm ready for you to do some more kartwheels," said Kali in the message.

Hubert fulfilled that promise at an event Wednesday called "Kartwheels for Kali."

Planners say they were inspired to create the event after watching Hubert's bet.

"We have to take it further than that. We can't just stop with one cartwheel, we need everyone doing cartwheels for Kali," said planner Brittany Cordell.

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