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I'm racing for my science teacher and my great aunt.

<P>Olivia Davidson, Conway</P>

I'm racing this year for my science teacher and my great aunt. When my science teacher, Mrs.Stanley, told us she had breast cancer I immediately wanted to "Race For The Cure." I'm one who likes to show support to those who have cancer of any form, since I know a few who were diagnosed. The Race For The Cure is a very inspirational event that raises awareness that I believe educates young women as myself of breast cancer. My great aunt is a survivor of breast cancer, she's still with us today, but not without her scars. Breast cancer or any other form of cancer is saddening, knowing that there is not really a "cure" per say. All their treatment options would not appeal to anyone. I keep every cancer patient and survivor close to my heart and in my prayers. I will race for the cure every year, and I will always remember why.. God bless!

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