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I Race For My Mother and High School Teacher

<em><span style="font-size: small">Telina Lane, NLR </span></em>
Telina Lane, NLR

I race each year in the race for the Cure, because my mom Joy Goff was dignosed  with breast cancer in Oct. 2002, when i was just 12yrs old. It may be weird, but i didnt want to lose my mom. She was all i had pretty much. With my mom being a survior for 7yrs now, I try to walk the race, in honor of her, and be with her in the time that she needs me most. Its our mother/daughter time together..  Plus, now i do it also for one of my high school teachers that is not able to walk each year, but i do it in honor of her. Mrs. Stephanie Shachmut.
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