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Hot Springs Students Make Memorial Honoring Tornado Victims

Drivers along Highway 89 are touched by a beautiful memorial honoring lives lost in the April 27th Tornado
MAYFLOWER, AR- If you're driving down Highway 89 in Mayflower, it's not hard to miss a make-shift memorial honoring the victims of the April 27th tornado.

Blue and pink crosses stand on the corner of Highway 89 and Lake Forest Drive, each honoring those who lost their lives. It's an act of compassion that has some residents wondering who made these and placed them on the side of the road.

"It took somebody with a great heart to take the time to do this," says Greg Nichols, Mayflower resident.

Greg Nichols, a long time resident of Mayflower travels down highway 89 regularly. He's grown accustomed to the things in his hometown, so when he first saw the memorial, he was moved by the outpouring of warmth and kindness from the strangers who made it.

"It's just very touching to drive by and see it and very hard at the same time because of the families you know are struggling," says Nichols.

Each cross bears a name of each victim who died in the April 27th tornado. The crosses display intricate detail, with bows and ribbons for the women and girls, and cars for the two youngest victims, brothers. The memorial means a lot to the community.

"That somebody would take the time, the effort to build those crosses, to put each and every name on them, to come out and place them the way they did," says Nichols.

Turns out, a group of students from Hot Springs Community School, a private school in Hot Springs traveled to Mayflower to place the memorial and help with the cleanup.

"A lot of concern, compassion for us and the community as a whole to come out and do something like that," says Nichols.

We're told the students also set up another memorial in Vilonia.

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