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Hot Springs Driver Says She Was Unfairly Towed During Storm

Dozens of drivers who were unable to drive any further in Friday night's snow storm parked on the shoulders to come back the next day. One Hot Springs driver was surprised when she returned.

HOT SPRINGS, AR- Highway 192 in Hot Springs winds and curves so badly that when it's covered in ice it's nearly impossible to drive.

"I specifically parked there because it kind of leveled out," said Chelsa Sorensen.

On her way home from work, the 22- year-old slid into a ditch, but remained calm and was able to make it out by backing up the car.

Scared to drive any further and risk her own safety she parked it she said off the asphalt.

"Luckily someone on a four wheeler got me home," she said.

But the next morning, "I came back that morning and my car was gone," she said.

Towed at the Arkansas State Police's request..

She was at first quoted over $300 by the towing company who then knocked off storage and administration fees to charge her $160.

"I at first contacted the officer who said he had done me a favor because it was considered a hazard even though it was totally off the asphalt," she said.

So she went back and took a picture of snow marks that she said show her car was parked off the road.

Arkansas state police however cite statute 27- 51-1304 on standing and unattended vehicles which lists a number of violations that could require a removal.

Still frustrating for Chelsa who said the road was covered with snow.

"I didn't have a choice," she said. "It's my only means of transportation. I would have never left it unless I didn't have a choice."

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