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Hit-And-Run Victims Recount Snowy Day Crashes

A city director explains why he hopes to catch the person who hit his car before speeding off Friday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--As we prepare for another round of snow, more than a dozen drivers are still hoping for answers in hit and run cases.

At Pizza D' Action, the window is boarded up where someoNe crashed into it before speeding away Friday night.

Little Rock police worked 95 accidents in the snow, of them 13 were hit and runs and one of the victims was city director Brad Cazort. 

"If they do it once they're going to do it more than once, not that I know that any of the hit and runs that night were caused by the same person, there is a chance it was, anybody driving that poorly and irresponsibly we need to find out who they are and get them off the road. Get them in front of the judge at least," he says.

Cazort says the person who hit him and sped off was driving a light colored pickup truck. 
He took down a partial plate number.  Both cases are still under investigation.
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