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Health Matters: Butterfly Learning Center

There's a special preschool in Little Rock that's doing more than just teaching children, employees are changing lives of kids with disabilities.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - It may look like play, but little Taylor is in the middle of a physical therapy session.

"Helping them move in their environment."

Will Smith is a therapist for United Cerebral Palsy.

"And that's the best part."

Which operates the Butterfly Learning Center in Little Rock

"We're United Cerebral Palsy but we treat kids with developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy a variety of different diagnosis," says Smith.

"I'm going to go in the circus and juggle like the elephants!"

Inside the preschool, children prepare to move on to kindergarten.

"That's what our focus is to get them ready to be a typical kid when they go to school," says Smith.

Depending on their disability, children can get therapy in many different areas.

"We do a wide variety of things."

Smith focuses on large motor skills. From walking and jumping, to climbing stairs and catching.

Once the child masters the main action, Smith also breaks down the movement into smaller parts like balance and control.

"They're ready and they know they can do it."

Making a difference one step, jump or bounce at a time.

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