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Going for the Gold: A Different Kind of Warmup in Sochi

It doesn't feel like winter in the Olympic city.
SOCHI, RUSSIA - Temperatures hit a warm 61 degrees in Sochi this week, and it's no surprise.  

Average temperatures in February for the Olympic city fall between 40-50 degrees, making it the warmest site of the winter games.  

You could call it the "not so" Winter Olympics.

Hot. Cool. Yours. It's the official slogan of the 2014 Winter Olympics but one of those words isn't entirely accurate. 

"I've heard Sochi is beautiful, so I'm not sure what the weather is supposed to be but I'm enjoying it," says one spectator.

There are some signs that these are indeed the "Winter" Olympics. There are snow-capped mountains in the distance as you stand next to more tropical vegetation.
"I'm from Ottawa where when I left it was -25, so, frankly if this is the weather we're getting at the Winter Olympics I'll take it," another spectator says.

Clearly, most spectators don't seem to mind the sunny skies. As they snap short-sleeved pictures next to palm trees, they even have advice for the athletes who are used to snow and ice. 

"I think they're enjoying it and they're just making sure they have their sunscreen on," says another spectator.

"Don't worry winter weather enthusiats...the cooler temperatures will return in 2018, when the games move to PyeongChang, South Korea, where the nightime low is -12.
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