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Geek Fix: K-Cups, TSA Crackdown and National Parks Online

Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news with his Monday morning Geek Fix report.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news with his Monday morning Geek Fix report.
Today's report includes:

1.) Green Mountain Coffee company, makers of the Keurig brewing system, may be making some changes to their brewing machines. Since the expiration of the K-Cup patent in 2012, lots of third party makers have replicated K-cups and have been selling them at a much cheaper price. The cheaper cups have been cutting into Green Mountain's bottom line. To fight this, the company has created an "ink mark" system for a new line of machines that will not brew K-cups that are not made by Keurig.

2.) Alaska's national parks are now online. The parks have been outfitted with streaming webcams. The cams stream live HD images 24/7 of habitats that include bears. The cameras have been a hit and have had a positive response from viewers. Park rangers commented saying the cameras have shed much of the mystery and fear of the bears from folks that have never seen them in the wild.

3.) Cell phones, laptops and tablets must now be charged before you bring them onto a flight from certain airports into the United States. This after the TSA has now been required to check whether a device can be powered up before it gets on the plane. This is in response to recent new threats identified by the TSA.

4.) Mercedes this week has shown off a brand new concept semi-autonomous truck. The truck is a prototype that could ease congestion and workload on truck drivers by doing much of the driving itself. Using stereo cameras the truck keeps track of its position on the road, in the lane and in relation to other drivers. It also uses traffic information from up ahead to adjust speed and direction. The system isn't fully automatic and needs the truck to be brought up to speed and on the road before kicking in. Mercedes says the truck likely wouldn't go into full production for another 10 years. That sounds realistic as much of the technology involved in this concept already exists in the 2014 S class vehicles.
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