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Geek Fix: Google I/O Developers Conference

Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news with his Monday morning Geek Fix report.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news in his Monday morning Geek Fix report. Today's report including the following:

Google held it's annual I/O Developers conference in San Francisco last week. The conference ended up being one of the biggest in Google's history marking a big move by the company in unifying it's brands and platforms into one big ecosystem that will extend among multiple platforms.

The company made over a dozen new announcements or changes. It began with AndroidOne. It's a new initiative to partner with wireless providers in the developing world to provide quality smartphones to people under $100. The first country will be India.

Android will receive a huge update this fall with a complete overhaul of the interface, its design and the addition of many new features. The "L" version of Android was released as a preview for developers last week.

AndroidTV will bring Android to the TV experience. It's a brand new way to watch TV that will allow the interface to overlay on top of your TV signal allowing you to search for shows, movies or get into on current programing. Controls for the system will be done through the user's phone.

AndroidWear will move Android to wearable devices. 2 smart watches went on sale last week, one from LG and another from Samsung. A round design watch is expected to be released from Motorola later this summer.

AndroidAuto will bring Android to vehicles. Over a dozen manufacturers have agreed to partner with Google to bring the interface to their cars. The system will bring a user's phone & apps to the car screen. It will be powered by Google's voice search features. The first cars with this system will be on car lots at the end of this year.

Facebook has admitted the company performed secret psychological experiments on several hundred thousand users. The social network changed the type of posts that appeared in user's newsfeeds to see if that affected the type of posts users made themselves.

Good news 80s kids! Your brand new tablet can now look like it's Back to the Future again! The Trapper Keeper is now available as a case for tablets. The covers are compatible with multiple sized devices and come in a large variety of colors and designs, just like they did in the 1980s and 1990s.

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