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Geek Fix: Google Contact Lenses

Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest technology news with his Geek Fix report. Today's segment he talked about the new Google contact lenses. The lenses are said to measure your glucose level in your eyes and if your levels are higher or lower than normal the lenses change colors. Also a big topic is the Sacramento King team members that will sit on the sidelines at their January 24th game will all be wearing Google glasses. The players will record the game from their view on the court. Also a new study shows that Verizon Wireless is the most expensive when it comes to cell phone bills. The lowest was set at T Mobile. The Olympic game are already making history as Jamaca is sending their first bobsled team in years to the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics. Now the team does need help getting there. To help them you can donate by clicking here.
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