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"Fear Factor" Returns

NBC brings back its gross-out classic
What would you do to win $50,000?

Jump from a burning high rise?

Be covered with bees or snakes?

Maybe dangle from a helicopter?

Those are just a few of the things contestants will face in the return of "Fear Factor".

The show that grossed people out, creeped people out and seemed like it might just take people out
has returned.

Host Joe Rogan returns to a show he says has been amped up thanks to advances in technology.

"We have much smaller cameras, so we can have so many of them, and put them in so many places it helps make the show more exciting," Rogan says.

New technology has also allowed the stunts themselves to be ratched up.

"We used to be able to drop someone maybe 10 feet, to a line and they go bounce. Now, I can drop them at full speed from a hundred feet and stop them inches from the concrete," says executive producer Matt Kunitz.

As long as there are duos ready to step out of their comfort zone "Fear Factor" is ready as well.
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